In 2011 the Public Health division was established contributing to EVAC’s engineering expertise, in usage of water for hygiene, treatment, recycling, disinfection and disposal of water and the conservation of the environment.

The design team is also fully geared to give solutions in saving of water and energy conforming to LEEDS and IGBC norms in related areas.  The key attributes have resulted in its participation despite the short span of its existence in various LEED rated buildings like Cnergy, FIFC, Supreme and other prestigious projects.

The utilizes the latest drawing tools and software (Autocad Revit 11) and standards conform to the engineering solutions offered in the latest National Building and Uniform Plumbing codes in the following areas:

  • Water storage, filtration, softening and disinfection.
  • Installation of Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration systems and sewage treatment plants.
  • Water distribution system potable and non-potable including domestic, flushing and irrigation using VFD driven hydro pneumatic systems.
  • Efficient Hot water generation, distribution and circulation systems.
  • Sustainable heat generation from solar panels.
  • Steam generation and distribution both IBR and non IBR systems.
  • Waste heat recovery from steam condensate and other applications.
  • Dropless grey water conveyance system to sewage treatment plants through gravity and sewage pumping.
  • Rain and storm water collection, storage (rain water harvesting) recycling and disposal systems.
  • Complete solutions for swimming pool water treatment and disinfection system including ozonisation, ultra violet and chlorination.
  • Landscape irrigation through drip and automatic sprinkler system.
  • Exquisitely finished private and public bathrooms/toilets sanitary installations.

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